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For many people, food is a source of nostalgia, one that triggers memories of  times spent with family and friends. Here at Cast Seaside Bites & Bar, we pride ourselves on serving thoughtful small plates dedicated to showcasing local ingredients & seafood that the area has to offer with a touch of Latin influences.

Our dining experience encourages the practice of sharing and grazing. Each dish comes to the table as they are ready and in no particular order– allowing you to try many different dishes and flavours

So have a seat at the bar, enjoy some wine, a beer or a cocktail with our delicious seafood and make  some new memories.



Simply, an administrative fee is an additional charge added to the pre-taxed bill that directly supplements the wages of non-tipped employees.

We are a small locally owned and owner-operated business. All owners and management have vast experience in the industry for over seven decades combined in both FOH and BOH positions. We, at Cast, work closely as a team. We know that the kitchen staff is the backbone of every restaurant;  from our line cooks and oyster shuckers, to our prep cooks and dishwashers. They deserve to be recognized for their hard work in addition to  their hourly wage. 


Currently, Massachusetts is one of only two states in the nation, where kitchen staff may not be included in the tip pool. The labor laws only allow employees who regularly receive tips to be part of the tip pool. 


The  1.5 % fee will be applied to each in-house dining bill.  It allows our kitchen staff to share in the restaurant’s success. The fee goes straight to the kitchen staff rewarding  them for their significant work in providing the very best food for our guests. This appreciation fee does not represent a tip, gratuity, or service charge for our front of house staff, which includes servers, runners, bussers, and bartenders. 

In short, we appreciate your support in recognizing our back of house employees’ hard work, and their commitment to quality every day, every shift. And certainly, we hope you will feel the positive impact.

Above all, the fee is voluntary. If you wish to not pay it, please let your server or bartender know and we will be happy to remove it for you.


Thank you for your continued patronage and supporting Cast Seaside Bites & Bar

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